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Road Board for Android

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Road Board is the essential tool for laying out different scenarios as you explain them to your pupil.Designed specifically for Driving Instructors in the UK, Road Board includes 45 different road situations, including all the most common road and junction types (see below for a full list). You can add cars, pedestrians, other road users, obstacles, road markings etc to the situation. As you add items to the view, you can move them around, rotate them, make them disappear - whatever you need to do to illustrate your point. With the touch of a button, you can also draw on the view.
Use the included road situations as a basis to create your own custom backgrounds and save them for later use. You can also save "live" scenes, enabling you to set up your most commonly used situations just as you need them, then bring them up instantly in a lesson with just a couple of taps.
Steve Hilton has developed the Android version in consultation with Neil Beaver, the ADI behind the the original iPad app.
Road Board is designed to be simple yet highly versatile. A great deal of care has been applied to making sure the diagrams in this app are genuinely representative of the roads in Britain.
ROAD SITUATIONS:* Straight Road* Lanes* Bus Lanes* Left Bend* Right Bend* Side Road Left* Side Road Right* Open T-Junction* Closed T-Junction* Stop Junction* Crossroads* Staggered Crossroads One* Staggered Crossroads Two* Unmarked Crossroads* Zebra Crossing* Pelican / Puffin Crossing* Toucan Crossing* Equestrian / Pegasus Crossing* Controlled Side Road Left* Controlled Side Road Right* Controlled T-Junction* Controlled Crossroads* Box Junction* Traffic Lights With Left Filter* Traffic Lights With Three Lanes* Roundabout Approach* Mini Roundabout* Double Mini Roundabout* Small Roundabout* Medium Roundabout* Large Roundabout* Spiral Roundabout* Roundabout Lanes Approach* Slip Road On* Dual Carriageway* Dual Carriageway Exit* Slip Road Off* Right Turn* Y-Junction* One Way Street* Passing Place* Car Park* Reverse Left* Reverse Right* Motorway
ROAD USERS:* Cars with reverse & brake lights learner* Caravans* Tow* Bus* Van* HGV* Police Car* Ambulance* Fire Engine* Motorcyclist* Bradley Wiggins* Cyclist* Female Pedestrian* Male Pedestrian* Elderly Pedestrian* Dog Walker* Horse* Tractor
OTHER INCLUDED ITEMS* Blindspot* Tarmac* Tree* House* Traffic Island* Opening* Side Road* Sharp Corner* Straight Double Yellow Lines* Curved Double Yellow Lines* Bus Stop* Keep Clear* Slow* Give Way Lines* Give Way Triangle* Short Hazard Lines* Long Hazard Lines* Zig Zag Lines* Cycle Lane* Yellow Box* Keep Left / Right Arrows* Curved Dotted Line (for two lanes turning right together)* Broken Line Hatched Area* Solid Line Hatched Area* Hatched Area For Turning* Double Hatched Area For Turning* Traffic Cones* Ahead Arrow* Left Arrow* Right Arrow* Ahead-Left Arrow* Ahead-Right Arrow* Left-Right Arrow* Ahead-Left-Right Arrow* P.O.M. Routine* M.S.M. Routine* M.S.P.S.L. Routine (with optional 'G' for gear)* L.A.D.A. Routine* Traffic Lights (including left & right filter options)+ Many Road Signs (including speed, hazard, regulation, and information signs)
INSTRUCTIONS:* Tap "road" button to choose road situation background* Tap + button to add items, tabs for road users, signs and other items. Just tap the item you want to add.* Drag item to move* Double tap to open options menu for toggling indicators / lights.* Use 2 fingers to rotate, (free to interpretation)... Recommended method is to hold item with one finger and tap second finger in required direction.* For Traffic Lights 1 tap to increment traffic light sequence. Also, hold down to turn filter light on / off.
MENUPress your device's menu button to Open / Save / Share your scene.